Self Service Use of Our Machines

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Select the machine suitable for your needs, and ensure you do not overload the machine. If you overload the machines, your items will not be able to circulate and be adequately cleaned; they may require you to repeat the cycle.
For the safety of your belongings, please do not leave them unattended, as we are not responsible for any theft of your items; we can, however, forward the camera footage to the authorities if notified of the day/ time.
Please ensure you thoroughly check the washing machine/dryer is empty before placing your items in for use. We take no responsibility for any damage caused by the remaining items left in our machines from the previous user.
Please be considerate of other guests wishing to use the laundromat equipment.
Please ensure your items are removed promptly after the wash or dry cycle is completed. We reserve the right to remove your items from our machines and place them in a plastic bag in the condition they are found.